Paintball is considered a relatively young sport in the vast world of outdoor sport, recreation and adventure activity. Paintball first appeared in Europe in 1981, and has since experienced consistent and impressive growth.

From the humble beginnings of a single paintball centre way back in 1981, paintball is today one of the most popular outdoor sport and adventure activities in Europe, with hundreds of centres covering almost every corner of Europe.

Over the years the paintball industry has witnessed the development of several large paintball companies, most prominently Delta Force, which is today considered the largest independently owned paintball operator in the UK and Ireland. The early nineties saw Delta Force owning and operating over 4 paintball centres, and in more recent times this number has grown to well over 20 centres. Other well-known operators recognised as the early innovators of the paintball industry include Hotshots and Hamburger Hill Paintball.

This development of large paintball companies meant that the paintball industry as a whole became more competitive, with an increased demand on quality of service, safety standards, paintball equipment and other paintball facilities. With more paintball centres fighting for position in an increasingly competitive industry, Holmbush Paintball, Delta Force and other leading paintball operators offered more competitive prices, with a significant drop in the price of paintballs from 12-18p per ball to an impressive 7-8p per ball. Many smaller paintball operators were unable to cope with the dramatic drop in prices, and were forced to close or sell to larger operators.

To gain a competitive edge, the large operators then looked to improve the paintball facilities and equipment they provided. During the start of the millennium, paintball centres transformed from low-grade fields with hay bales and pallets to themed scenarios with full-scale aeroplanes, double-decker buses, pyramids and real life villages. Paintballers wanted more than a barren field themed with wooden pallets and trees, and it was the likes of Delta Force and Skirmish that revolutionised the EU paintball industry to provide a complete paintballing experience.

While large operators have the advantage of offering competitive prices through economies of scale, smaller independently owned paintball centres such as Rebel Sports Paintball and Combat Paintball are recognised for their personable paintballing experience and direct contact with their valued customers. These smaller centres depend highly on the lasting relationships they build with their customers, and value the personal interaction they have with all customers that pass through their doors.

Today, leaders in the paintball industry set themselves above smaller competitors with their unique selling points; most prominently being full head protection goggles, body armour, movie-set quality game scenarios and premium safety standards. The likes of Skirmish, Delta Force and Mayhem Paintball have established their position as industry leaders in the ever-expanding EU paintball industry, and the service provided today is leaps ahead of the humble beginnings back in 1981.

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