Membership to the EUPBA is entirely free of charge. There are two types of membership:

  1. Private Individual.
  2. Trade (site, shop, wholesaler, manufacturer or importer).

To become a member of the EUPBA, simply complete and email the Application Form found on the Sign-up Membership page. You will be notified by email as to whether your application has been accepted (right to membership is reserved).

The benefits of membership include:

a. Private Individuals.

  • Discounts at accredited participating centres.
  • Free access to player forums with online news, reviews, opinions and ideas.
  • Helping support, promote and protect your sport.

b. Site Operators.

  • Free use of EUPBA logo on all publicity material.
  • Free advertising on EUPBA website.
  • Free use of EUPBA “Code of Conduct”.
  • Free use of EUPBA “Risk Assessment” and “Health & Safety Policy” – these have been honed over many years, and are accepted and approved by Councils throughout the Europe.
  • Free access to discounted Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Free access to download and use forms of every description. These include Registration/Disclaimer Forms, Safety Speeches and Equipment Integrity Checklists.
  • Free access to the trade only web forum covering issues pertinent to site operators such as:
    • Planning law.
    • Tax compliance (VAT investigations etc.).
    • Employment law.
    • Health and Safety Law.
    • Accidents and how to avoid them.
    • Law suits.

This free advice and information comes from other site operators and from a wide range of industry experts within the EUPBA community. Simply put, the forum provides free help and advice when you need it, from people who can empathise with your situation.

Membership to the EUPBA is reserved for premium paintball operators that meet and maintain optimal standards of facilities, health and safety guidelines and services in the paintball industry. Membership may be revoked at the sole discretion of the EUPBA at any time, without reason and without entitlement to compensation of any kind.

All documents and templates are copyright EUPBA 2005 unless otherwise stated. Approved EUPBA membership entitles a member to utilise all copyrighted documents for the duration of their membership. If membership is revoked for any reason, copyright documents are no longer permitted to be used.

The EUPBA also consists of present and past paintball players from the general public, all of whom enjoy paintballing and receive updates and discounts at participating EUPBA centres. To become a member click here.