The European Union Paintball Association (EUPBA) is a non-profit making body dedicated to the promotion and protection of the sport of paintball in Europe.

Established in 1989, the EUPBA has a membership in excess of 500,000 people – all of whom play paintball or have played paintball in the past. The EUPBA is believed to be the largest representative body of European paintball and has a fair claim to be considered the governing body of paintball in Europe.

In March 2005 the Association changed its membership structure to also admit trade members. All site operator members have been inspected and approved by the EUPBA as accredited sites, so as to maintain a premium standard of facilities and services amongst all trade members. All accredited members are recognised by the EUPBA logo.

In order to gain accredited status, all trade member sites must meet the following criteria and conform to the EUPBA Code of Conduct, including (but not limited to):

  • Maintain a policy of full Public Liability Insurance.
  • Maintain a policy of full Employers Liability Insurance.
  • Pay all staff through a PAYE system (deduct tax and NI).
  • Fully account for VAT, and provide a till receipt for purchases upon request.
  • Maintain an explosives registration with the LPA.
  • Conduct a full site risk assessment, including a full schedule of reviews.
  • Maintain a ‘safe zone’ according to the following standards:
    • No paintball markers permitted outside of the gun zone
    • High mesh netting/fencing to prevent ingress of paintballs
    • Flushing WC’s
    • All-weather seating areas
    • Licensed catering facilities
  • All senior marshalling personnel to be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • All players provided with fully integrated goggles, incorporating a fully articulated plastic head guard.
  • All marshalling personnel to be trained to EUPBA Grade 3 Standard or above.
  • Gas propellant bottles and markers to be serviced by a qualified air-smith.
  • Gas propellant bottles to be replaced in accordance with the date stamp.
  • All paintball jumpsuits to be laundered between every use.
  • Kitchen staff to hold Basic Food Hygiene qualifications where food is cooked on the premises.
  • Comply with EHO directives to provide the minimum first aid requirements.
  • Commission and adhere to an ecologist’s woodland management plan.