Welcome to EUPBA

The European Union Paintball Association (EUPBA) is a non-profit making body that was established in 1989 as an umbrella organisation to protect and promote the sport of paintball in Europe.

Today the EUPBA has a membership of well over 500,000 current or former paintball players, EU paintball site operators and other trade organisations – quite possibly making it the largest body representing European paintball and giving clout to the claim that it is the governing body of the sport of paintball in Europe.

One of the many challenges faced by the EUPBA is the fact that paintball is often not recognised officially as a ‘sport’. The EUPBA devotes much of its time to overcoming this obstacle and promoting paintball as a recognised sport. It is apparent that progress is being made, as paintball was short-listed to be entered as a new sport in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The EUPBA also aims to improve the standard of the facilities and services found at European paintball centres, to further promote the game to broader audiences and to introduce it to as many new players as possible.

In order to gain accredited EUPBA membership status, individuals and paintball sites have to adhere to and conform to the EUPBA Code of Conduct.

All accredited EUPBA members that conform to the Code of Conduct are entitled to numerous benefits, such as discounts at various participating paintball centres, as well as free access to player forums loaded with online news, reviews, opinions and ideas.

Membership to the EUPBA is reserved for paintball players and premium paintball operators who meet and maintain optimal standards of facilities, health and safety guidelines and services in the paintball industry. Membership may be revoked at the sole discretion of the EUPBA at any time, without reason and without entitlement to compensation of any kind.

The EUPBA has a simple mission – to protect and promote the EU paintball industry and to continually improve the standard of facilities and services provided by and for members throughout Europe.